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From Hamburg city center to WOA festival.

Our prices remain unchanged cheap!

Metal travel buses run nonstop from airports and bus stations to the WOA Festival entrance area (Wacken bus station). The price is valid for one single trip, either to or from Wacken.


Impotant Notice:

For those guests, planning to head by Metal Travel Bus from the festival to Hamburg airport on Sunday 04th of August 2019 at 04.30am or later, we highly recommend to plan at least 4 hours between leaving the festival and scheduled departure time due to tight traffic!


Questions about WOA buses:


30.07. Hamburg Remedy - Wacken 16:00                                                                                          
31.07. Hamburg Remedy - Wacken 10:00 12:00 15:00                                                                                       
01.08.  Hamburg Remedy - Wacken 11:00                                                                                          
04.08. Wacken - Hamburg Remedy 09:00. 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:30                                                                                  

Hamburg Remedy Records Shop

Stellinger Steindamm 2

22527 Hamburg

Tel 040 435351


From main train station take line S3 (direction Pinneberg) or line S21 (direction Elbgaustr.) to S- Bahn-stop Stellingen. From there you can walk (approximately 4 minutes) or you take the bus line 22 (direction Kellinghusenstr.) to Volksparkstrasse.

transfer time: 01:45 |  price: one way per person: € 22

Petra of Remedy Records does the check-in.

booking Wacken 2019